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Nice apartments in La Restinga, at El Hierro, the smallest canarian island - the “island of silence”

There are three apartments in La Restinga Calle El Remo Nr.10

La Restinga  at the southern point of El Hierro, sun from january to december, always time to swimm

To live in winter
at the eternal summer
of El Hierro

Beach of the harber an the apartements

You can swimm not only in the see, but also in the sure and clear water of the harber. Usefull even for babys

Dayly fresh caught fish you can buy directly from the fishermen nearby the apartement

People say, that it is raining for five minutes over the year in the around the village of La Restinga

Living room of  apartament 2

Sleeping room of apartement 3

The prices move between 25.- and 42 Euros, depending of the season

No further costs

The kitchen of apartment 1

El Hierro is a paradise for wanderers

The kitchen of apartment 2

We suggist to rent a car, because the connections with the busses run in strange conditions. There are no directe conections to the different villages but only from every village to the central-towns of Valverde and La Frontera

In the neighborhood of the apartment you find a basis of diving to reach one of the exciting diving places of the world

Rent a car at the harber and the airport or with your ordering the apartement

Link: buceo - diving - submarine http://www.el-hierro-tauchen.de

Picnic at the harber beach

Five Restaurants of high quality in the neighborhood

It´s a paradise for children

La Restinga

El Hierro is friendly to the children, their guests. You can find the best wine of the world, socalled “vino de pata” and delicate meals, cooked at traditionel recepts of El Hierro

 The family Hernandez Castro with Juan, Carmen, Aday (7) and Corina (1)
are wishing you any pleasur already befor starting to us

Juan Hernandez Castro
Hercacasa 2005 S.L.U.
Calle Tom Perez  4,
E-38915 Isora (El Hierro)
Telefon (+34) 922 698 126
Movil (Handy) +34 - 651 85 99 41
Movil 2: (+34) 655 55 98 84
NIF-Nr. B 38 80 16 27

english spoken on telefon:
(+49) 7273-3326



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El Hierro - Canarias / Apartamentes / Ferienwohnungen / Rooms / Zimmer / Chambres / Apartements